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Different stages in the manufacuring of castings



Bennink & ten Cate BV (BTC) is a foundry where the castings still are produced according to traditional methods. This means that the moulds mostly will be produced by hand. Most of our customers find their way to our company because we offer them the possibility to produce single pieces and/or small series with a high level of difficulty and quality.


Materials used:

All materials used at BTC during production are so called certified materials. This means that they only will be purchased when the compositions is guaranteed and known in front. This prevents extra problems during the already complex process of casting.


The production process consists of the following main activities:

1- Work preparation

2 – Core production

3 – Mould box productionTraditional casting method

4 - Coating

5 – Closing of the mould boxes

6 - Melting

7 - Casting

8 – Shake Out of castings

9 – Finishing

10- Heat treatment

11 – Final control / certification

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